Locomotive & Rail Power Batteries


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Element® SLS Locomotive Starting Batteries

The SLS utilises proven Absolyte VRLA technology to create the industry's first low maintenance railway diesel starting battery. The batteries are non-spillable thus eliminating damage to equipment and greatly reducing environmental concerns and increasing personnel safety.

Sonnenschein Rail

Deep Cycle batteries especially designed for rolling stock application Nominal capacities: Blocks 33 - 240 Ah (6V and 12V), 600 or 800 cycles

Liberator KDZ Locomotive Starting Batteries

Designed for 180-day watering intervals. Type KDZ-501 features proven reliability and performance for excellent cranking capacity to meet the requirements of railroads. Type KDZ-651 delivers the power you'll need, no matter what the conditions.

GNB® Flooded Locomotive Starting Batteries

Compact and dependable locomotive starting batteries. Feature proven reliability and performance, quick engine cranking, high break-away current, long service life, and heavy-duty construction throughout.