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Solar Batteries

GNB Industrial Power's broad range of batteries for solar applications have been designed intentionally to provide high-cycling performance.  Flooded and Gel technologies offer a choice of satisfying environmental and economical demands. Check out our range of solar batteries below:- Call 1300 365 959 for more information.


Especially built to be an ideal choice, the J-Series JTT is cost – effective for UPS and power supplies for safety systems

Sonnenschein Solar

Sonnenschein Solar, Sonnenschein Solar Block & Sonnenschein OPzV Solar. Three ranges to serve your individual solar energy storage needs.

Classic Solar

Superior flooded batteries for Solar Applications


Photovoltaic and Alternative Energy VRLA AGM Battery Nominal capacity: Block 100 Ah ( 12V), 300 cycles @ 80 % DOD


Modular, highly efficient storage of photovoltaic energy

Sonnenschein Lithium HC

Sonnenschein Lithium HC (High Current) Sonnenschein Lithium is a range of 12, 18 and 36 Volt Lithium battery modules. These Lithium modules offer significant cycling, charge time, weight and volume improvements over similar lead acid battery modules.

Sonnenschein A600

Premium quality for uninterrupted communication Nominal capacities: Blocks 91 - 274 Ah (6V and 12V), design life 15 years; Cells 224 - 3286 Ah (2V), design life 20 years

Absolyte GP

Absolyte is one of the world's best-selling large valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) battery brands. A stand-by power product - valve regulated, network power battery. Engineered, marketed and sold by Exide's GNB Industrial Power business, the Absolyte GP incorporates a technologically and environmentally advanced design that delivers a 20 year design life with enhanced cycling performance.


With a proven track record in Australian RAPS, Energystore is designed in Australia, specifically for our unique conditions.