Security Backup Batteries


In the event of a power outage, people want to feel that their families are safe from danger, loss and criminal activity. With the right battery, there will be no need for worry. We offer a full line of network batteries to backup security systems, fire alarms, traffic lights and other devices to maintain safety and control in emergency situations.

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Marathon M FT

Marathon FT batteries are reliable front terminal power packages which combine remarkable high current characteristics and a long service life. Conceived as compact modules, they provide the flexibility for the desired power for a borad variety of profiles. Suitable for modular cabinet and rack installation. For telecommunications, and within both utility and UPS applications, Marathon FT batteries are efficient energy storage solutions, especially during extended back-up times. Furthermore this range also offers great benefits for other security applications where the continuity of power is important.

Sprinter XP

The Sprinter XP batteries are a very compact and best classified products due to its high power density and current characteristics, making this battery ideally suited for high current discharge perfromance like UPS and other security applications.

Marathon L

Marathon L provides a solid safety package for storing electrical energy within the AGM range. Excellent high current performance combined with high service life.

Marathon XL

The Marathon XL batteries are safe storage systems for electrical energy with long design life. As a long-term storage the batteries are versatile for applications such as telecommunications, emergency light, railways, utilities and other safety power supplies.

Marathon M

Designed for durability in Telcommunications and Electric Utility applications, the GNB TOP Terminal MARATHON series provides high performance and reliablity in long duration discharge applications. The MARATHON family of batteries highlights another example of GNB's extensive experience and world wide leadership in VRLA technology.