Chargers & AC Power Systems

GNB Industrial Power (a division of Exide Technologies) has a long and illustrious background of providing Chargers/DC Systems for industrial applications. The options of switched-mode and thyristor technologies are both available through us. Their applications are as listed below: 

•Turbine Pump
•Protection relays
•Switch Tripping
•Emergency lighting
•Process control
•Microwave Links
•Traction Substation
•Cathodic Protection Systems etc.

Our product range encompasses the following voltages: 220V, 125V, 110V, 48V, 32V, 24V & 12V.  Exide CBC/4 thyristor range has been widely acknowledged as a reliable source of DC power for more than 25 yrs in the region.  Three phase & single phase systems from the CBC/4 range have been upgraded to include microprocessor based control.  Moreover, these systems have serial port connectivity for remote monitoring of alarms & systems.

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