Flooded lead acid batteries contain liquid electrolyte and are available in all plate constructions and capacities up to 12,000 Ah.

Classic OCSM

Classic OCSM batteries are a powerful and reliable energy supply with high current discharge capability due to a unique negative electrode construction and excellent energy storage capacity over the exceptional long life.

Classic GroE

Energy storage for economical safety Nominal capacities: Cells 75 - 2600 Ah, design life 25 years

Classic OGi

Suitable universal energy storage Classic OGi batteries are low maintenance lead acid batteries with liquid electrolyte. Due to their excellent voltage level in all load conditions they are ideal for high current applications with short discharge times.

Classic OPzS

Energy storage for economical safety.

Classic Solar

Superior flooded batteries for Solar Applications


With a proven track record in Australian RAPS, Energystore is designed in Australia, specifically for our unique conditions.