Gel Batteries

With Gel batteries, the electrolyte is fixed in a gel suspension between the plates. This valve regulated lead acid technology is low maintenance because it never needs watering.The Sonnenschein batteries offer high performance in a variety of applications and are utilised in areas where the power supply is unstable due to harsh environments.We have the Gel Battieries to meet all your needs so please browse our range of quality products below:


Relay Gel

Provides optimal performance for outdoor plant applications such as CATV/Broadband. GNB is pleased to announce the Relay Gel Group 31 - Extended Runtime (Reserve Capacity) Design.

Sonnenschein A400 FT

The dryfit Gel battery offers excellent performance in a variety of applications and is well suited to areas where the power supply is unstable and harsh outdoor environment is prevalent.


Modular, highly efficient storage of photovoltaic energy

Sonnenschein A600

Premium quality for uninterrupted communication Nominal capacities: Blocks 91 - 274 Ah (6V and 12V), design life 15 years; Cells 224 - 3286 Ah (2V), design life 20 years

Sonnenschein A400

The success of the Sonnenschein A400 batteries comes from the internationally superior dryfit technology. Exceptional energy storage capacity combined with long life.

Sonnenschein A500

The success of A500 batteries comes from the internationallyy superior dryfit technology. Excellent energy storage capacity combined with high reliability. A powerful universal safety package.

Sonnenschein A700

The durable high energy and reliable battery system Nominal capacities: Blocks 21 - 280 Ah (4V and 6V), design life 12 years +

Sonnenschein Solar

Sonnenschein Solar, Sonnenschein Solar Block & Sonnenschein OPzV Solar. Three ranges to serve your individual solar energy storage needs.