Chargers using high frequency, fast charge, SCR, or Ferroresonant technologies are available. Let us help you choose the right technology for your conventional, opportunity, or fast charging needs.

EHF Series™ High Frequency Charger

The EHF Series™ high frequency charger uses the latest in MOSFET technology resulting in a very energy efficient conventional charger.

GNB® Fusion™ Fast Charger

The GNB® Fusion™ series of high frequency fast chargers are ideal for fast charging industrial electric lift truck batteries, but is also flexible enough to be used as a conventional or opportunity charger.

Element® EiHF Charger

The Element® series of high frequency chargers are ideal for conventional or opportunity charging, but are flexible enough to be used as a fast charger.

GNB® SCR200 Charger

The SCR200 8-hour charger is the ideal charger for all battery types: Tubular-LM™, Element®, Tubular-HP®, GNB® Flooded Classic®, or GNB® Flooded Classic Platinum™..

GNB® FER50 Charger

The FER50 charger has the power in a compact, convenient package. A single shift charger with 120 VAC input, the FER50 is the easy charger for simple operations, just plug-in and go!

GNB® EF Series Ferroresonant Charger

The EF Series Ferroresonant chargers are conservatively rated to recharge GNB® Flooded Classic®, TITAN®, Tubular-HP®, and Liberator® batteries to full nameplate rated ampere hour …