CATV / Broadband - For reliable backup of Outside Plant or critical Head End/DC Plant locations and Data Center UPS loads.

Emergency Lighting - GNB batteries provide your emergency lighting power needs in the event of an outage. Our sales and service support assist you to secure your emergency lighting power.

Medical - The established valve regulated Sonnenschein gel battery provides reliable power when life and health depend on a reliable energy supply.

Photovoltaic - GNB's broad range of batteries for photovoltaic applications have been designed intentionally to provide high cycling performance. Flooded and Gel technologies offer a choice of satisfying environmental and economical demands.

Security - Security application power needs are met with GNB's high quality and reliable battery ranges. GNB also offers batteries in Flame Retardant (V-0) containers to keep fire suppression systems secure.

Telecommunications - GNB offers a comprehensive range of valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) and flooded batteries to serve the telecommunications market. These battery ranges are designed for remarkable performance, long life, high energy density and ease of installation, which make them applicable for all types of telecom applications.

Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS systems are important and have to deliver reliable back-up power. The batteries must operate dependably and consistently through numerous power outages. GNB offers reliable battery ranges in both VRLA and flooded batteries specifically designed for the high power requirements.

Utility - GNB is a full range supplier of Network Power batteries for electric utility/switchgear applications.