GNB's broad range of batteries for photovoltaic applications have been designed intentionally to provide high-cycling performance. Flooded and Gel technologies offer a choice of satisfying environmental and economical demands.

To learn how the following products can meet your photovoltaic equipment energy storage needs, contact your local GNB® Industrial Power representative by calling 1-888-898-4462.

Absolyte® GP Batteries

Absolyte® is one of the world's best-selling large valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) battery brands.

Absolyte® GX Batteries

The Absolyte® GX is part of the proven Absolyte® history dating back to 1983 when we debuted the first large-capacity VRLA battery in the industry.

Sunlyte® Bloc Batteries

The Sunlyte® photovoltaic and alternative energy valve-regulated lead acid battery has deep-cycle capability, long life and low self-discharge rate.

Sonnenschein® Solar

Sonnenschein® Solar, Sonnenschein® Solar Block, and Sonnenschein® OPzV Solar. Three ranges to serve your individual solar energy storage needs.