The GNB® E-Force team provides a wide variety of standard and custom products to meet our customers needs. They range from individual products to comprehensive full service packages.

Our service

  • Full-service package
  • Efficient logistics
  • Short response time and fast order processing
  • After-sales support with our comprehensive service network
  • Dedicated, customer-focussed and skilled service teams offer expert advice on all battery technology questions
  • Operation analysis on site
  • Training sessions and seminars

The proper operation of power and battery systems must be constantly monitored to ensure that equipment is operating as designed and that no malfunctions exist. The best way to identify and eliminate conditions that may cause equipment failure is to conduct a regiment of preventive maintenance and service.

GNB® Industrial Power offers a wide range of local, regional, and national programs for all types of battery systems that have been designed to meet applicable E-Force, IEEE, and Telcordia requirements.

GNB® Industrial Power can also customize a program to meet your specific requirements. Service can be scheduled to meet your requirements, including emergencies and off hours.

Why is Power System and Battery Maintenance Important?


  • Maintain the integrity of your power system
  • Replace cells/batteries outside performance specification
  • Adjust power plant to maximize performance and life
  • Enhance worker safety
  • Validate equipment warranty


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