Flat Plate AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Batteries

This high energy capacity battery is like an Olympic decathlete or marathon runner.  It has the energy to handle a lot of power demands at once, plus it has the endurance to perform at a high level day after day.

  • Flat plate AGM batteries have six sets of plates with glass mat separator containing the electrolyte are arranged in a straight line inside the battery (like slices of a loaf of bread).
  • Because the plates are compressed in rows, the battery has more capacity, i.e. it uses all of the surface area inside the container to provide more energy when it’s needed.
    • Plate compression enables longer life or more total energy usage over time.
  • Provides further back-up protection from extraordinary, but unplanned, discharge events (extended airport storage, lights left on or hazard light support, for example).

Exide MegaCycle® AGM 200

Exide knows the importance of worry-free time on the water and has our answer - the Exide MegaCycle AGM 200 marine battery. The MegaCycle AGM 200 withstands the pounding waves and holds a charge longer for a fuller life, which means yours will be too.

EXIDE® RoadForce® AGM 200

With more anti-idle laws enacted across the country and the increasing power demands of truck accessories that drivers want, you need a battery that can stand up to the challenge. Exide knows the punishing demands of today’s commercial/heavy duty vehicles and has your answer — Exide RoadForce AGM 200. The RoadForce AGM 200 has 2X better cycling and 40% greater charge acceptance when compared to conventional flooded batteries, for more power when you need it most. And 14X more vibration resistance than conventional flooded batteries means superior durability. Continuing the tradition of higher standards, RoadForce is backed by over 100 years of innovation and a strong nationwide warranty program.