Sonnenschein Lithium

The high productivity, fast charge battery

 The intelligent Energy Storage System that maximizes your productivity

GNB® can offer a range of different Lithium technologies to meet your applications needs. The current solution employs Lithium Iron Phoshpate offering an optimal mix of cycling, power and safety. Typical applications are Material handling applications where battery change is necessary with lead-acid technology and fast charge applications like AGV which are in service 24/7 and demand very high energy throughput. The modular architecture of the Sonnenschein Lithium battery system allows GNB to retrofit the majority of existing tray designs.

Technical advantages & your benefits:

> Fast opportunity charging - reduces down time and increased productivity
> Longer operating times - using breaks for fast charging
> Reduced energy costs through efficient charging
> No topping up required - less maintenance cost
> Real-time data to improve fleet management
> Flexible modular solution that meets your specific needs



Lithium technology combines high performance with “install & forget“


Further information can be found in the brochure and the datasheet.