Golf Caddies

The Power of Convenience

Hiring a caddy is old school. Today's golfers use a battery powered caddy to help carry their bags across the green. Golfers can trust GNB batteries to be reliable for all 18 holes. No matter how long it takes you to make a hole in one, you won't be left holding the bag.

Sonnenschein GF-V

VRLA Gel Block batteries – The reliable partner to drive your business Nominal capacities: 50 - 160 Ah (12V) 160 - 240 Ah (6V)

2100 Lithium

The 2100Li range of high frequency chargers incorporate CAN communication giving optimal charging with reduced power consumption. Significant savings on energy and operating costs can be made together with a reduction in CO2 output. A contemporary graphical LCD display guides you through the charging Operation and high visibility LEDs show the charge status at a glance.

2100 Weatherproof Charger

Based on the 2100 HP charger range with all the features and options offered, GNB® has developed a unique weatherproofed charger for outside applications such as airports and applications where the chargers are open to the elements. The GNB Weatherproof charger is climate controlled not just IP rated, this is a necessity for High frequency chargers for outside applications.

drysafe RECUP

VRLA AGM Spiral Wound Block battery Nominal capacity: 45 Ah (12V) 22 Ah (6V)

Sonnenschein GF-Y

VRLA Gel Block batteries – The reliable battery for your business Nominal capacities: 14 – 94 Ah (12V)