Golf Carts

Going the Distance on the Green

Golf carts or buggies are often used not only on the golf course, but in many situations to drive short distances - which can very easily turn into long ones without the right power source. People can depend on GNB to deliver the power they need, and the service and support to make sure that a short trip remains a pleasant one.


The innovative 2100.NET system from GNB® combines intelligent fleet management with comprehensive battery monitoring. With more than 120 years of experience in battery development, production and application, GNB® is your reliable partner for energy and cost-efficient customized Solutions.

2100 HP High Ouptut

The High Output charger extends the power of the HP charger range so even the largest battery capacities over 2,000Ah are covered

2100 LP High output

The High Output charger extends the power of the LP charger range so even the largest battery capacities over 2,000Ah are covered.

Sonnenschein GF-V

VRLA Gel Block batteries – The reliable partner to drive your business Nominal capacities: 50 - 160 Ah (12V) 160 - 240 Ah (6V)

2100 HP - The Versatile All-rounder

The HP range of high frequency chargers offers optimal charging with reduced power consumption. Significant savings on energy and operating costs can be made together with a saving on CO2 output. A contemporary graphical LCD display guides you through the charging operation and high visibility LEDs show the charge status at a glance.

2100 LP

The LP charger range offers modern charging capability with simple operation. The LP is the basic model, incorporating cost saving high frequency technology and featuring the benefits of the HP range as a cost effective option.

2100 OP

Incorporating the latest concepts, these on-board high frequency chargers for standard flooded, low maintenance flooded and maintenance free valve regulated batteries, ensure reliability, safety, ease of use and optimal charging.

2100 SP

Incorporating the latest technology, these high frequency chargers are the ideal choice to recharge batteries on small electric vehicles, cleaning machines and pallet trucks. Suitable for flooded or valve regulated blocs and batteries,the design ensures reliability, safety, ease of use and optimal charging. These highly efficient chargers are reduced in size and weight, making them very easy to handle and install.


The FT block battery range is designed for applications in harsh environments such as golf carts, cleaning machines, mobile elevating work platforms and electric elevating platform trucks.


The MARATHON Classic FF-range battery is suitable for mobile elevating work platforms, cleaning machines, leisure and many other Motive Power applications due to its high rate discharge capability.

2100 OP

Cargador embarcado de alta frecuencia, de última tecnología, para baterías estándar abiertas de plomo ácido, de bajo mantenimiento y de válvula regulada sin mantenimiento, fiable, seguro, fácil de útilizar y de carga óptima.

Sonnenschein M

Discover the latest innovation from GNB® Industrial Power - Sonnenschein M, [roman: M = thousand] the first gel block battery offering 1,000 cycles. The Sonnenschein M features significant improvements in cyclic endurance which helps reducing your operating costs.