Emergency Lighting

Emergency Power When You Need It

When the unthinkable happens, no one wants to be left in the dark. Our batteries are prepared to fufill your emergency lighting needs in the event of a power outage, helping you retain order and control. When things get dim and hectic, you can always rely on our batteries to help you see things through.

Sprinter P/ XP

For better UPS performance Nominal capacity: Blocks 24 - 195 Ah (6V and 12V), Long Life

Powerfit S100

The compact energy package for more security Nominal capacity: 1,2 - 38 Ah (6V and 12V), design life 3-5 years

Powerfit S300

The compact energy package for more security Nominal capacity: Blocks 1,2 - 38 Ah (6V and 12V), design life 5 years

Marathon M

Marathon Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are the industry-proven power solution to a variety of telecommunications and electric utility applications. Superior design principles have been applied across a wide capacity range to assure a cominbation of long life, solid dischrage performance and scalability to almost any power need.

Marathon L/XL

More energy for safer storage Nominal capacities: Blocks 14 - 179 Ah (6V and 12V), design life 12 years Cells 220 - 575 Ah (2V), design life 12 years

Sonnenschein A400

Outstanding price/quality ratio for long-term energy storage. Nominal capacity: Blocks 5.50 - 180 Ah (6V and 12V), Very Long Life

Sonnenschein A500

A powerful, universal safety package Nominal capacity: Blocks 1.2 - 200 Ah (2V - 12V), General Purpose

Sonnenschein A600

Premium quality for uninterrupted communication Nominal capacity: Blocks 100 - 300 Ah (6V and 12V), design life 15 years Cells 224 - 3286 Ah (2V), design life 20 years

Classic OPzS

Proven high reliability energy storage for critical applications. Nominal capacity: 50.0 - 3350 Ah (up to 12000 Ah on request); Design life in years: 15 for blocks & cells ≥ 3500 Ah; 20 for cells ≤ 3350 Ah

Classic OGi

Superior performance for high current discharge. Nominal capacity: cells 260 - 1600 Ah, design life 20 years

Classic Energy Bloc

Suitable universal energy storage Nominal capacities: Blocks 61.0 - 340 Ah, design life 15 years