In the event of a power outage, people want to feel that their families are safe from danger, loss and criminal activity. With the right battery, there will be no need for worry. We offer a full line of netowrk batteries to backup security systems, fire alarms, traffic lights and other devices to maintain safefy and control in emergency sitautions.

Sprinter P/ XP

For better UPS performance Nominal capacity: Blocks 24 - 195 Ah (6V and 12V), Long Life

Powerfit S100

The compact energy package for more security Nominal capacity: 1,2 - 38 Ah (6V and 12V), design life 3-5 years

Powerfit S300

The compact energy package for more security Nominal capacity: Blocks 1,2 - 38 Ah (6V and 12V), design life 5 years

Sonnenschein A400

Outstanding price/quality ratio for long-term energy storage. Nominal capacity: Blocks 5.50 - 180 Ah (6V and 12V), Very Long Life

Sonnenschein A500

A powerful, universal safety package Nominal capacity: Blocks 1.2 - 200 Ah (2V - 12V), General Purpose

Sonnenschein A600

Premium quality for uninterrupted communication Nominal capacity: Blocks 100 - 300 Ah (6V and 12V), design life 15 years Cells 224 - 3286 Ah (2V), design life 20 years

Sonnenschein A700

The durable high energy and reliable battery system Nominal capacity: Blocks 21 - 280 Ah (4V and 6V), Very Long Life

Classic OCSM

Energy delivery with high efficiency. Nominal capacity: 170 - 3804 Ah, design life 25 years

Classic OPzS

Proven high reliability energy storage for critical applications. Nominal capacity: 50.0 - 3350 Ah (up to 12000 Ah on request); Design life in years: 15 for blocks & cells ≥ 3500 Ah; 20 for cells ≤ 3350 Ah