Flooded lead acid batteries contain liquid electrolyte and are available in all plate constructions and capacities up to 12,000 Ah.

Classic Rail

Special designed for railway application Nominal capacities: Blocks 40 - 190 Ah (12V)

Classic GroE

Energy storage for economical safety Nominal capacities: Cells 75 - 2600 Ah, design life 25 years

Classic OCSM

Energy delivery with high efficiency. Nominal capacity: 170 - 3804 Ah, design life 25 years

Classic OPzS

Proven high reliability energy storage for critical applications. Nominal capacity: 50.0 - 3350 Ah (up to 12000 Ah on request); Design life in years: 15 for blocks & cells ≥ 3500 Ah; 20 for cells ≤ 3350 Ah

Classic OGi

Superior performance for high current discharge. Nominal capacity: cells 260 - 1600 Ah, design life 20 years

Classic Energy Bloc

Suitable universal energy storage Nominal capacities: Blocks 61.0 - 340 Ah, design life 15 years

Classic Solar

Classic Solar Powerful energy storage for renewable energy systems