Exide Synergy

What is Synergy?

Exide’s Synergy programme aims to resolve battery replacement problems for workshops with or without diagnostic equipment. It allows you to spend your time and money more effectively, and to focus on growing your business.

Most workshops already have diagnostic equipment (approximately 80%), and most will receive a software update that will allow them to replace batteries using their existing equipment. 

For workshops that do not currently have diagnostic equipment (approximately 20%), we have developed a battery replacement tool that helps address many of the challenges you face – and it costs just a fraction of what you pay for the traditional options available on the market.


Workshops WITHOUT diagnostic equipment

Get Exide’s new battery replacement tool, and make battery replacement easier. The BRT-12 will protect your market share as the car parc evolves, and it will help you win new customers that own the most technically advanced cars.

The BRT-12 avoids the complexity of more complicated products. That is why it is simple to use, highly effective, and available at a price you can afford.

Workshops WITH diagnostic equipment

You will likely receive a software update for your existing diagnostic equipment from your equipment provider, allowing you to replace and manage batteries. Now you can reduce the time spent on servicing batteries, and protect your existing investment in diagnostic equipment.

Some diagnostic equipment has been unable to replace batteries properly on some of the new technology platforms. To address this issue, Exide met with many of the diagnostic equipment providers and explained why our customers needed new functionality to manage and replace batteries.

Many of the equipment providers have said they are planning to release a software update to give you the functionality you need, which should make battery replacement much easier.