Car Batteries

Future ready




A new generation of batteries


Exide is introducing the next generation of car batteries with major gains in efficiency and performance. Many ideas found in the new range were first developed in our original equipment business, where we design batteries for the leading carmakers.


The pioneering new range features the latest Start-Stop batteries, Exide Premium with the unique Carbon Boost technology and advanced components such as the proven 3DX grid. It is designed to support modern cars and the latest fuel saving functions.


This means powerful performance today and readiness for the future.


Exide Start-Stop AGM

Exide launched the first Start-Stop AGM battery back in 2004. Our technology has evolved rapidly ever since, with each new generation making large gains in efficiency and performance. Exide is able to meet the stringent requirements of carmakers, giving the aftermarket confidence in the quality of our products. Exide’s Start-Stop AGM battery uses high-performance components and materials. It is ideally suited to cars with Start-Stop and/or regenerative braking systems. This new- generation AGM battery also supports sailing as well as other intelligent fuel-saving features.

Exide Start-Stop EFB

Exide invented the first EFB battery in 2008, helping European car manufacturers to reduce fuel consumption and emissions for small to mid-sized cars. Our technology is now considered the most advanced in the industry. The latest-generation EFB battery offers significantly improved charge acceptance and cycle life, a result of key breakthroughs in lead alloys and unique carbon additives that came from our R&D efforts. Exide’s Start-Stop EFB batteries enable Start-Stop, regenerative braking and other powerful fuel-saving features.

Exide Start-Stop Auxiliary

Exide is launching the Start-Stop Auxiliary range on the aftermarket, building on experience gained through our original equipment business. Auxiliary batteries power the electrical equipment in certain cars, as a complement to the main starter battery.

Exide Premium Carbon Boost

The new Premium Carbon Boost battery recharges up to 1.5 times faster due to Exide’s proprietary application of carbon additives on the negative plates. This technique was discovered during the development of our AGM and EFB ranges, leading to improved charge acceptance and a significant reduction in charging times. The Premium Carbon Boost battery is designed to withstand extreme temperature, power-hungry electrical equipment and intensive urban driving.

Exide Excell

The proven Exide Excell battery is an all-rounder for most modern vehicles, standard equipment and everyday driving. As every Exide battery, the Excell battery also features the robust 3DX grid technology for better electrical performance and longer lifespan.