Multifit Batteries

Longer Operating Battery

For vehicle uses requiring superior battery performances, not reached by most standard battery constructions, Exide presents a Multifit battery offer able to cover all the energy needs of most extreme applications. By choosing the right Multifit battery, the electrical supply will last longer, ensuring enhanced vehicle operation.

Exide Dual AGM

Exide Dual AGM battery is designed for boats or special vehicles (caravan, ambulance, agricultural machine...) equipped with a single battery. Its technology provide both energy requirement for starting engine and the proper energy for on board equipment functioning. This battery is maintenance free.

Exide Equipment Gel

Exide Equipment Gel battery is designed for vessels with a separate electrical circuit for supplying the on board equipment. Its Gel technology offers more safety and an easier use, its small size allows saving around 30% of space compared to a conventional one. This battery is maintenance free.