Vision & Values

Vision & Values


Exide will be respected worldwide as the leader in stored electrical energy solutions and innovative technologies.

We want this company not just to succeed, but also "to be known for something." And for this to happen every employee has got to want the same thing as well.

We will attract, retain and develop the right people who will be empowered to continuously improve. We will be recognized for our excellent products and services through creative marketing, innovative design, superb engineering, world-class quality manufacturing, outstanding customer service and environmental leadership.

Exide leaders will, by example, set the standard for integrity and trust.


Integrity - We expect you to be as honest with us, your coworkers and our customers and suppliers as you would want them to be with you.

Respect and Teamwork - We expect you to treat others, no matter what their background, exactly as you'd like to be treated yourself, and to proactively work with others to get things done.

Innovation - We expect you to not just "do your job", but also constantly think about ways to do it better than ever before - to make breakthroughs and quantum leaps.

Continuous Learning - We expect you to realize that work can be, and should be, as much an education as school - and we expect you to be willing "teachers" as well as "students".

Pride in excellence - We expect you to work to make Exide Technologies a shining star of excellence in global business and, yes, you should then take personal pride in having helped make that dream a reality.