Power When You Need It

Exide offers the most extensive line of automotive and light truck batteries in the world - with sizes and power levels to fit 97 percent of vehicles on the road today. Whether you drive an economy car, a luxury sedan, a classic muscle machine or anything in between, we've got your battery.

     Long Life

     Free Jump Start

     Vibration Resistant

     All Climate

    Maintenance Free*

*Under normal operating conditions

EXIDE® Orbital® AGM Automotive Starting

Starts Up First Time, Every Time.™ Want quick automobile starts time after time? This is your battery! Its hi-tech, spiral wound, sealed design is built for superior performance.

EXIDE® Orbital® AGM Automotive Deep Cycle

Extreme Demands, Demand Extreme Solutions.™ Demanded by serious car-audio enthusiasts and low riders everywhere, this battery is high tech, spiral wound, and sealed to handle the toughest audio applications with style. High performance audio vehicles often have one starting battery and one or more deep cycle batteries for energy-hungry audio amplifiers, CDs, DVDs, VCRs and game players. The state-of-the-art technology in the XCD is also ideal for SUVs with winches, hydraulic pumps and other power-hungry accessories.

EXIDE® Global and NASCAR® Extreme™

Available now for nearly 90% of all cars, light trucks and SUV's including Asian and European imports. Exide's premium Global and NASCAR Extreme line features superior power and dependability in more sizes, to fit more domestic and import vehicles, than ever before. And with our advanced Silver Shield Technology, the Global and NASCAR Extreme deliver longer battery life and enhanced durability that keeps you charged even in the harshest weather.


Confidence You Can Count On. Solid power you can always count on. Available in sizes that fit most vehicles on the road today.

EXIDE® Classic

Reliable Starting Power Available in a wide selection of sizes.