Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Power for Long and Short Hauls

When you depend on your truck, tractor or construction equipment for your livelihood, down-time is not an option. Exide offers a complete line of heavy duty batteries that fit your on-road or off-road vehicle to get the job done.

     Spill Proof*

     High Cycling

     Reserve Capacity (RC)

     Vibration Resistance

     Maintenance Free*

*Under normal operating conditions

EXIDE® RoadForce® AGM 200

With more anti-idle laws enacted across the country and the increasing power demands of truck accessories that drivers want, you need a battery that can stand up to the challenge. Exide knows the punishing demands of today’s commercial/heavy duty vehicles and has your answer — Exide RoadForce AGM 200. The RoadForce AGM 200 has 2X better cycling and 40% greater charge acceptance when compared to conventional flooded batteries, for more power when you need it most. And 14X more vibration resistance than conventional flooded batteries means superior durability. Continuing the tradition of higher standards, RoadForce is backed by over 100 years of innovation and a strong nationwide warranty program.

Exide® Select Performance™

Exide’s Select Performance Group battery comes with the power and muscle for each unique application: short haul, long haul, agriculture, fleets, construction and industrial equipment.

EXIDE® Commerical 31

Exide knows that commercial vehicles can torture the life out of a conventional battery. So we have given you the first line of defense – a battery with the power and muscle for heavy equipment handlers everywhere.

Exide® Extreme™ Cycler 200

With anti-idle laws expanding across the country and the increasing power demands of the truck's standard equipment, along with the accessories that drivers want, you need a battery that can stand up to the test. That's where the Extreme Cycler 200 comes in. With 50% greater cycle life and 3X the vibration protection of conventional batteries, the Extreme Cycler 200 provides extended battery life, keeping you on the road longer. It meets the challenge when it's time to haul - thanks to Exide's patented silver alloy cast positive grids. The double-insulated polyethylene separators with glass mat lining reinforce paste adhesion, providing superior paste retention for longer cycle life. The separators are microporous which allows an efficient discharge and re-charge – plus, the micro-ribbed edges dramatically reduce the possibility of a short circuit.