Spiral Wound AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Batteries


This is the football running back or Olympic sprinter of batteries – strong and quick, with fast recovery to do it all again, time after time.

  • Plates with glass mat separators containing the electrolyte are wound into a tubular form and placed in multiple configurations, typically two rows of three (like a six pack of soda).
  • Because the plates are wound tightly and compressed, it uses all of the active material to maximize efficiency for more power when it’s wanted.
  • Very consistent and stable electrochemical reaction so it can support frequent, planned electrical uses during key-off or engine idle periods (radio, DVD, GPS, or power side door openings, for example).
  • Provides a responsive power supply and is always ready to go when you are.

EXIDE® Orbital® AGM Automotive Starting

Starts Up First Time, Every Time.™ Want quick automobile starts time after time? This is your battery! Its hi-tech, spiral wound, sealed design is built for superior performance.

EXIDE® Orbital® AGM Automotive Deep Cycle

Extreme Demands, Demand Extreme Solutions.™ Demanded by serious car-audio enthusiasts and low riders everywhere, this battery is high tech, spiral wound, and sealed to handle the toughest audio applications with style. High performance audio vehicles often have one starting battery and one or more deep cycle batteries for energy-hungry audio amplifiers, CDs, DVDs, VCRs and game players. The state-of-the-art technology in the XCD is also ideal for SUVs with winches, hydraulic pumps and other power-hungry accessories.

EXIDE® Orbital® AGM Marine Starting

Starting Power, When You Need It Most.™ Hi-tech spiral wound and sealed technology designed to deliver high bursts of power to start marine engines every time.

EXIDE® Orbital® AGM Marine Deep Cycle

Reliable Energy, When You Need It Most.™ Hi-tech, spiral wound, and sealed technology to meet the needs of the serious marine battery user, this battery can be discharged and recharged many times without damaging the internal components.