Classic Solar

Superior flooded batteries for Solar Applications

Classic EnerSol - Cost effective energy storage


Nominal capacities:  

Blocks  53 - 256 Ah (12V)


  • Classic EnerSol are robust flooded batteries for energy storage that is proven for use in leisure and consumer applications (SHS – Solar Home Systems) primarily for photovoltaic systems.
  • Longer design life in cyclic applications in comparison to a standard automotive battery
  • Internal pocket separators consisting of micro porous glass mat to ensure cell characteristics are retained over full life of the battery
  • Terminal adapters can be provided


Classic EnerSol T - Powerful and universal suitable for every application


Nominal capacities: 

Cells 376-1282 Ah, up to 1500 cycles acc. to IEC 60896-11


  • Classic EnerSol T batteries are universal energy supplies for medium industrial solar systems.
  • Positive tubular plates
  • Translucent containers for topping up


Classic OPzS Solar - Powerful energy storage for photovoltaic systems


Nominal capacities:   

Blocks 70 - 420 Ah, up to 2000 cycles acc. to IEC 60896-11
Cells 190 - 4660Ah,up to 2000 cycles acc. to IEC 60896-11


  • The Classic OPzS SOLAR range has been well proven for decades in medium and large power requirements.
  • High cyclic application capacity
  • Flame arresting ceramic plugs according to DIN 40 740 are available if required


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