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Exide offers the most extensive line of automotive and light truck batteries in the world - with sizes and power levels to fit 97 percent of vehicles on the road today. Whether you drive an economy car, a luxury sedan, a classic muscle machine or anything in between, we've got your battery.

Heavy Duty

When you depend on your truck, tractor or construction equipment for your livelihood, down-time is not an option. Exide offers a complete line of heavy duty batteries that fit your on-road or off-road vehicle to get the job done.

Marine / Multifit

When it comes to marine and RV batteries, one size does not fit all. Exide offers a full line of marine batteries that gives you exactly what you need.


When you're cruising the open road and looking for the very best in performance and reliability, Exide offers a wide range of motorcycle and sport that batteries will get you on the road faster and keep you there longer.

Original Equipment

Exide is one of the leading suppliers of tailor made power sources for original equipment. Whether it for small light vehicles or large commercial ones, companies trust Exide to deliver the power they need.