Working at Exide


A view from the Inside

When I joined Exide, I knew that I had come to a company with a long and strong tradition. The history of this company dates back over 120 years and has its roots in the inventions of Thomas Alva Edison.

At the same time, I found that Exide has established itself as a global leader in innovation. Innovation happens everywhere at Exide: naturally in Research & Development but also in Manufacturing, Logistics, Management, Administration etc.

I am particularly proud to point out that today, Exide is unequalled in its recycling efforts. Used batteries are recycled almost 100% here! Very impressive, indeed!

What ultimately made this all happen are the great people that we have been able to attract and develop. Our people are indeed "Proud to be Exide".

On the following pages, you will read about who we are and who we aspire to be.

The future is exciting with Exide and I encourage you to join us and

share the Exide Experience!