Golf Carts

Going the Distance on the Green

Golf carts or buggies are often used not only on the golf course, but in many situations to drive short distances - which can very easily turn into long ones without the right power source. People can depend on Exide to deliver the power they need, and the service and support to make sure that a short trip remains a pleasant one.

Classic FT

Vented Block batteries with positive tubular plates Nominal capacities: 52 Ah - 150 Ah (12V) 180 Ah & 200 Ah (6V)

Sonnenschein GF-V

VRLA Gel Block batteries – The reliable partner to drive your business Nominal capacities: 50 - 160 Ah (12V) 160 - 240 Ah (6V)

Classic FF

Vented Block batteries with positive grid plates Nominal capacities: 40 Ah - 200 Ah (12V) 155 Ah & 284 Ah (6V & 8V)

2100 HP

The 2100 HP range provides the latest technology, reliability, safety, ease of handling and optimal charge for standard flooded, low maintenance flooded and maintenance-free valve regulated batteries.

2100 LP

The 2100 LP range provides modern charging technology at the best price.

2100 OP

Incorporating the latest concepts, these on-board high frequency chargers for standard flooded, low maintenance flooded and maintenance free valve regulated batteries, ensure reliability, safety, ease of use and optimal charging.

2100 SP

Switch mode chargers for small VRLA batteries.