A Source of Power and Independence

Wheelchairs provide mobility to many who have lost the use of their appendages. Without a reliable power source, some would only lose the convenience, while others would lose their independence. Exide understands that every battery we produce for wheelchairs is more than just another power source, but freedom. We put thorough thought into their production, along with providing worldwide sales and service to make sure that users have reliable, consistent power.

Drysafe Recup

VRLA AGM Spiral Wound Block battery Nominal capacity: 45 Ah (12V)

Classic FF

Vented Block batteries with positive grid plates Nominal capacities: 40 Ah - 200 Ah (12V) 155 Ah & 284 Ah (6V & 8V)

Sonnenschein GF-Y

VRLA Gel Block batteries – The reliable battery for your business Nominal capacities: 14 – 94 Ah (12V)

2100 SP

Switch mode chargers for small VRLA batteries.