GNB offers a wide variety of battery and charger accessories to save you time and money. Battery watering kits can be installed at our factory or at your location. Battery monitoring devices help you understand how a battery is being used and if it's right for the application.

Water Refilling System

For quick and safe topping up of vented batteries, single point watering systems are recommended to enhance economy and safety.GNB can provide two technologies:

Float System

The watering of cells is controlled bya float in the filling plug. The latest float systems cover a wide pressure range from 0.2 to 3.8 bar an can be used for gravity anf fast refilling.

Injector Systems

This system works at high pressure above 1.5 bar. It allows a very fast refiling of the battery.

In addition, GNB provides many useful components for watering systems like:

  • Watering tanks, mobile and wall mounted
  • Water filling pistols and equipment
  • Water deioniser


  • Reduction of maintenance
  • Semi-automatic filling pistols and equipment
  • Cost saving


Good quality connectors are important for an efficient operation of motive power batteries. Low resistance, acid proofed and completely isolated material is equired to have a safe and clean environment on the battery. GNB provides bolted connectors to meet and exceed these requirements.

Battery Management Systems

Battery Management Systems are electronic devices connected ot a battery that record and store important data. These units can be connected to a network to to control the whole charging staiton in an economic way. There are different products available to be connected to a systems for all applications.

Electrolyte Level Sensor

For safe use of motive power batteries, various sensors have been developed to control and monitor the electrolyte level of the battery. All sensors are of the same design and incorporate the same technology.

Sensors are included in the following:

  • Standard
  • LED for remote-dashboard
  • Multilayer
  • Battery plug mounted