Taking Charge in a Demanding Market

To meet the ever increasing demands of modern motive power batteries, GNB offers the best matched charging technology. With our knowledge and experience over many years as a systems provider, together with an intergral know-how in research and development we can offer the best solutions with less effort and more efficiency. The technlogy employed in the latest charger components ensures maximum efficiency in the charging operation, protecting the battery life as well as optimizing battery performance.


2100 HP

The 2100 HP range provides the latest technology, reliability, safety, ease of handling and optimal charge for standard flooded, low maintenance flooded and maintenance-free valve regulated batteries.

2100 LP

The 2100 LP range provides modern charging technology at the best price.

2100 OP

Incorporating the latest concepts, these on-board high frequency chargers for standard flooded, low maintenance flooded and maintenance free valve regulated batteries, ensure reliability, safety, ease of use and optimal charging.

2100 SP

Switch mode chargers for small VRLA batteries.