Power and Responsibility

Recycling is a big part of the beneficial use and responsible handling of lead acid batteries. GNB invests in battery recycling because it's good for business and for the environment.

In fiscal year 2010, Exide Technologies recycled sufficient lead tonnage to make the Company one of the largest secondary lead recyclers in the world. In the recycling process, spent—or dead—batteries are broken apart, and the lead, plastic and acid are separated. The lead is melted, poured into ingots and delivered to battery plants to be used in new batteries. The plastic is chipped, washed and delivered to a plastics plant, where it is melted and made into new battery cases and other parts.


  • One of the largest producers of secondary lead in the world
  • 10 global recycling facilities
  • Have documentation certifying the entire spent lead-acid battery disposal process
  • Get peace of mind knowing your partner operates company-owned facilities permitted by environmental regulatory agencies and uses freight carriers capable of transporting used lead-acide batteries
  • Get one convenient phone number to arrange for pick-up anywhere in the United States or Canada
  • Practice good corporate citizenship by managing resources and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • A recycling program that uses best practices to manage your spent lead-acid batteries