Light Vehicle

The Battery Solution for All Driving Needs

In recent years, the energy demands of modern vehicles have risen by up to 300%. In order to select the correct battery, it is important to consider the car engine size and power, but also on-board electrically-powered equipment and even climate and driving conditions. The Exide Evolution Programme has been designed to help make a choice by identify the best-performing Exide battery that will satisfy all the vehicle's needs.

Exide Premium

Exide Premium delivers highly concentrated energy, high capacity, and high starting power - all combined in the same battery. Great advances in manufacturing processes and outstanding materials quality has allowed development of a battery with extended product lifetime and high starting power and reliability in all weather conditions, delivering a greater number of engine starts.

Exide Excell Range

Suitable for most modern vehicles, standard equipment and everyday driving.

Exide Classic Range

Adequate capacity and CCA for used medium class cars over 15 years old with basic equipment requirements.