Original Equipment

Tailor Made for Maximum Performance

Companies are always creating new and more wondrous vehicles to better fit the needs of our times. Exide helps them by supplying the power of the future. A leading supplier of original equipment batteries, we offer a wide range of innovative technologies to help companies push innovation, reduce CO2 emissions, and are environmentally responsible, while supplying parts that meet the manufacturing needs of a global marketplace.


  • Flooded Batteries. From standard batteries to lightweight options, including micro-hybrid flooded programs for start/stop systems.
  • VLRA Batteries. AGM flat plate and spiral solutions, as well as Gel Technologies based on Sonnenschein Technology.
  • Commercial Batteries. Includes standard, heavy duty, super heavy duty maintenance, hybrid low maintenance, full maintenance free and high vibration resistant batteries.
  • Motorcycle Batteries. From standard over AGM to Gel Technologies based on Sonnenschein Technology.
  • Auxilliary Batteries for start/stop and full hybrids.
  • Carbon-Lead Acid Batteries for mildhybrids - the alternative to NiMH.