Railway Power

Railway Power

Diesel railway locomotives use heavy duty industrial batteries for starting and operation of a variety of on-board equipment.

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GNB® Flooded Classic® KDZ Low Maintenance Locomotive Starting Batteries

Designed for 180-day Watering Intervals. Type KDZ-501 features proven reliability and performance for excellent cranking capacity to meet the requirements of railroads Type KDZ-651 delivers the power you’ll need, no matter what the conditions.

GNB® Flooded Classic® KDZ Locomotive Starting Batteries

Compact and dependable locomotive starting. Types KDZ-2701 and KDZ-3001 locomotive starting batteries feature proven reliability and performance, quick engine cranking, high break-away current, long service life, and heavy-duty construction throughout. KDZ-2701 offers large reservoir of electrolyte. KDZ-3001 offers higher capacity per cube.

Element® SLS Locomotive Starting Batteries

The SLS utilizes proven Absolyte® VRLA technology to create the industry’s first low maintenance railway diesel starting battery. The batteries are non-spillable thus eliminating damage to equipment and greatly reducing environmental concerns and increasing personnel safety.

EHI Series Industrial Chargers

The EHI Series is the latest addition to the portfolio of industrial battery chargers from GNB. These products offer the latest in software-defined charging profiles to control the optimal charging current for flat plate and tubular motive power batteries.