Flooded Industrial:

Flooded industrial lead acid batteries have cells with liquid electrolyte. They are designed with high-energy Tubular plate construction in a variety of sizes (amp-hour capacity) to meet the needs of every lift truck in the Americas market.

Industrial flooded cell batteries are also avalaible in a wide variety of flat plate configurations as a value-alternative to the leading Tubular designs.


Flooded maintenance:

Flooded industrial batteries using a liquid electrolyte have long-lasting characteristics and some models only need watering every 90 days (when used with a matching charger that is designed to match the battery's long-lasting capacity.

All flooded batteries do require some amount of basic customer self-maintenance and care. This video is a guide to some of the basic maintenance and safety needs of flooded cell batteries:

     GNB Battery Maintenance Video

Tubular-HP® High Performance Batteries

High performance flooded tubular-plate batteries designed to deliver more power than equivalent dimension flooded flat-plate batteries.

Tubular-LMX™ Low Maintenance Batteries

Low maintenance flooded tubular-plate batteries with extended watering intervals up to 90 days.

GNB® Flooded Classic® Batteries

Economical flooded flat-plate batteries designed to deliver consistent and reliable power.

Tubular-LM™ FP System

The Tubular-LM FP system is the efficient power solution for your electric pallet jack and walkie stacker needs. This integrated system consists of a low maintenance Tubular-LM Flooded Tubular-Plate Battery with an on-board top-mounted high frequency charger, both in the same durable rust-resistant steel tray.

GNB® Flooded Classic® KDZ Locomotive Starting Batteries

Compact and dependable locomotive starting. Types KDZ-2701 and KDZ-3001 locomotive starting batteries feature proven reliability and performance, quick engine cranking, high break-away current, long service life, and heavy-duty construction throughout. KDZ-2701 offers large reservoir of electrolyte. KDZ-3001 offers higher capacity per cube.

GNB® Flooded Classic® KDZ Low Maintenance Locomotive Starting Batteries

Designed for 180-day Watering Intervals. Type KDZ-501 features proven reliability and performance for excellent cranking capacity to meet the requirements of railroads Type KDZ-651 delivers the power you’ll need, no matter what the conditions.

GNB® Marathon FPX™ Premium Flat Plate Batteries

GNB Marathon FPX™ premium flat plate motive power batteries are designed to deliver premium, cost-efficient power and extended durability with the highest flat plate cycle performance (1600) warranty in the industry.