GNB® Marathon FPX™ Premium Flat Plate Batteries

GNB Marathon FPX™ premium flat plate motive power batteries are designed to deliver premium, cost-efficient power and extended durability with the highest flat plate cycle performance (1600) warranty in the industry.

GNB Marathon FPX™ premium flat plate motive power batteries deliver dependable performance and extended cycle life to boost medium- to heavy-duty lift truck run time and reduce maintenance over the life of the battery.


World Class Process Improvements and New Design Deliver Increased Durability and Performance

  • Industry-leading flat plate cycle performance (1600 or 5 years) extended warranty delivers up to three additional months of usage
  • Up to 10% more active material increases paste weight reducing chemical and physical stress during discharge
  • Charged on state-of-the-art Inbatec advanced flow-thru formation equipment that simultaneously controls acid temperature. acide concentration and current to protect paste integrity and increase charge/discharge performance and cycle life
  • Improved plate curing process and equipment result in a superior plate that has the highest level of paste cohesion and structural integrity improving durability and performance
  • Increased antimony in the positive grid alloy to 5.4% reduces corrosion and extends cycle life
  • Improved gravity control reduces peak gravity and results in lower corrosion and longer cycle life



GNB Marathon FPX™ Premium Flat Plate Battery Sales Brochure