Tubular-LMX™ Low Maintenance Batteries

Low maintenance flooded tubular-plate batteries with extended watering intervals up to 90 days.

Never-worry watering

  • Minimize your labor cost to inspect batteries frequently. The Tubular LMX allows you to check water levels only four times per year. The 90 days between watering cycles is achieved in the battery with a unique design of headspace when coupled with a charger that is programmed with the low-maintenance charging profile.

Tubular architecture

  • Features high-density tubular positive plate design proves more power per square foot/meter than competitive products. Round tubular architecture provides the maximum power and avoids degradation of cells at the edges of square tube architectures.



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Tubular-LMX (tm) Low Maintenance batteries give you the freedom to choose the best level of power, performance, and reduced maintenance for your medium to heavy-duty lift truck applications.


Tubular-LMX Low Maintenance batteries are:


  • Designed to deliver consistent, reliable power using round tubular positive plate technology
  • Designed to achieve 1,800 cycles when operated to 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD)
  • Designed with a low antimony positive grid to minimize gassing during charging
  • Able to achieve a 45-day or 90-day watering interval (when usd with an approved GNB industrial charger)
  • Available in three different model options to meet a variety of customer requirements from low cost to minimum maintenance
  • Available in 85 and 125 Ahr positive plate sizes that result in battery heights of 22.63" and 30.5", respectively





A new plate design provides over 70% more electrolyte headspace. This increased headspace, combined with low antimony positive grids and an optimized charging profile, reduces water loss during charging and translates into more days of run time before water addition (versus typical flooded flat plate battery designs).

 * Based on 1 cycle per day (80% discharge) and 5 days per week operation