Sustainability & Recycling


Recycling is a big part of the beneficial use and responsible handling of lead acid batteries. GNB invests in battery recycling because it's good for business and even better for the environment.

Federal, provincial, state, and local environmental laws regulating the storage, transportation, and recycling of spent lead-acid batteries are constantly becoming more stringent. As regulations become tougher your risk of noncompliance increases. Penalties for non-compliance could include large fines and criminal prosecution.
In addition, customers are becoming more sensitive to companies regarding their responsibility to environmental
compliance. Your business could be affected as customers question your stewardship to the environment as well as safety to others. Most importantly, without a compliant recycling partner, your company could potentially be damaging the environment and affecting the safety of others.


Exide Technologies and GNB® Industrial Power is one of the largest producers of secondary lead in the world.

Exide Recycling Facts:
Lead is the most recycled metal in the world
• Over 99% of all lead received at our facilities is reclaimed
• Corporate oversight of over 1 million pounds of lead per day, 365 days/year
• Recovers over 25 million pounds of plastic annually
• Exide is one of the world’s largest producers of secondary lead
Exide Annually...
…processes the equivalent of 700 million pounds of spent lead acid batteries
…recovers approximately 390 million pounds of lead, or over 1 million pounds per day, 365 days/year
…recovers over 25 million pounds of scrap plastic
…recovers and neutralizes over 25 million gallons of sulfuric acid
…recovers over 99% of the lead contained in spent lead acid batteries
Exide owns…
recycling facilities in North America and Europe – as part of its multi-billion dollar business
organized to serve the complex stored energy systems needs of customers

Recycling Overview Brochure