Chargers using high frequency, fast charge, SCR, or Ferroresonant technologies are available. Let us help you choose the right technology for your conventional, opportunity, or fast charging needs.

EHF Series™ High Frequency Charger

The EHF Series™ high frequency charger family used software-defined control architecture to optimize the charge cycle for different battery types. The EHF power modules use the latest in MOSFET technology resulting in a very energy efficient conventional charger.

GNB® SCR200 Charger

The SCR200 8-hour charger is the ideal charger for all battery types: Tubular-LM™, Element®, Tubular-HP®, GNB® Flooded Classic®, or GNB® Flooded Classic Platinum™..

GNB® EF Series Ferroresonant Charger

The EF Series Ferroresonant chargers are conservatively rated to recharge GNB® Flooded Classic®, TITAN®, Tubular-HP®, and Liberator® batteries to full nameplate rated ampere hour …

Element® EiHF Charger

The Element® series of high frequency chargers are ideal for conventional or opportunity charging, but are flexible enough to be used as a fast charger.

GNB CC Constant Current Charger

This automatic control charger is perfect for charging several different battery sizes and configurations. The CCL charger is a universal ferroresonant charger with a constant current to the battery of 28 amps.

GNB ST Series Charger

The ST Series charger has the power in a compact, convenient package. A single shift charger with 120 VAC input, the ST Series Charger is the easy charger for simple operations, just plug-in and go!

EHY Series industrial chargers

The EHY family of industrial chargers are the latest software-controller heavy-duty chargers for conventional charging applications

EHI Series Industrial Chargers

The EHI Series is the latest addition to the portfolio of industrial battery chargers from GNB. These products offer the latest in software-defined charging profiles to control the optimal charging current for flat plate and tubular motive power batteries.