Performance and Reliability Come Together

When it comes to marine batteries, one size does not fit all. Which is why Exide offers a full line of marine batteries that give you exactly what you need. Our Edge™ and MegaCycle®  AGM products provide deep cycle and reserve capacity (RC) for running utilities day and night, in spill proof “sealed” batteries. Our Nautilus® and Stowaway® line of conventional flooded starting, deep cycle and dual purpose batteries provide power and reliability when you need it most, and durable performance out on the open waters. So whether you are powering up a 100-foot yacht or a 20-foot troller, Exide has just the right battery for just about everyone. 



Exide® Edge™ Marine / RV AGM

Perfect for starting and deep cycle marine and RV applications. Ready for all-day, key-on and key-off action. • The Exide Edge flat plate design contains six sets of plates, with glass mat separators, arranged in a straight line inside the battery, like sliced bread. SureLife® Graphite Technology retains initial capacity longer for lasting energy capacity.

EXIDE® Nautilus™ Marine Starting

Starting power, when you need it most. Designed to deliver high bursts of power for short periods of time to start marine engines.

Exide MegaCycle® AGM 200

Exide knows the importance of worry-free time on the water and has our answer - the Exide MegaCycle AGM 200 marine battery. The MegaCycle AGM 200 withstands the pounding waves and holds a charge longer for a fuller life, which means yours will be too.

EXIDE® Nautilus™ Marine Deep Cycle

These batteries are designed to provide continuous operating time to run trolling motors, live wells, inverters, depth/fish finders, etc. They can be discharged and recharged many times without damaging the internal components of the battery.

EXIDE® Nautilus™ Marine Dual Purpose

Combines deep cycle capability with starting power to deliver enough power to start a 350hp engine and provide 8 hours of continuous 10 amp 12 volt draw.