Battery Care & Maintenance

Start Positive with knowledge, and Stay Positive with safety.  Exide® offers an extensive line of automotive, light truck, heavy duty, marine, lawn & garden, golf cart and powersport batteries with sizes and power levels for all of your automotive, commercial and recreational needs. Here are some tips from the experts at Exide:




 Buying A Battery

* Keep your cool while car sizzles
Summer heat waves do more than make...
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* Checking battery condition
Carefully, examine the battery externally. Watch for terminal corrosion on the battery...
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* How a battery works
A battery stores electricity for future use. It stores this energy in chemical form...
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* Getting head start on winter
When winter is on the way, it means more than just cold weather for your battery...
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* Charging a battery
Whether it’s a need to charge or maintain the power of a battery, or the need for an...
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* Three things to consider when buying a battery
SIZE: What are the dimensions of your original equipment...
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* Preparing for a road trip
A road trip is a great way to see the country. Prior to embarking on your...
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* Jump starting an engine
When jump-starting a vehicle, never lean over the battery and always wear...
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