Exide® Edge™ Automotive AGM

Exide® Edge™ Automotive AGM

Heavy Duty Auto Truck SUV Battery

Exide Edge AGM batteries are designed to maximize energy capacity for today's on-the-go drivers. The Edge's lasting energy protects against battery failure, helping vehicle batteries stay strong and perform like new longer. • Exide Edge flat plate design contains six sets of plates, with glass mat separators, arranged in a straight line inside the battery, like sliced bread. • SureLife® Graphite Technology retains initial capacity longer for lasting energy capacity

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  • 17X More Energy for Everything like repeated use of technology and shuttle driving1
  • Because the plates are compressed in rows, the battery uses its total volume to provide greater energy capacity


  • Up to 15% More Starting Power 2
  • Handles heavy key-on, key-off activity


  • Recharges faster because of SureLife® Graphic Technology 3


  • Clean, non-spillable, maintenance free*, absorbed glass mat construction
  • Easy to install, even on its side**


1 Based on average results of 5 batteries tested pr the VDA 17.5% DOD; results are versus conventional flooded batteries.  The test measured the number of times the tested battery turned over its capacity before failure when taken down to 17.5% depth of discharge.  This is NOT life duration test, and does NOT mean the battery will last 17 times longer.
2 15% is the maximum average result for six Group 65 batteries tested at 90% state of charge in a Simulated Start Test.  Results are versus conventional flooded batteries.  Actual increases in starting power will vary, and will be less for some other Group size batteries, and at different states of charge for Group 65 batteries.
3 Claims made versus conventional flooded batteries
*Under normal operating conditions
**Inverted not recommended