Exide® Extreme™ Cycler & Exide® Extreme™ Power 1000

With anti-idle laws expanding across the country coupled with the increasing power demands for the accessories that drivers want, you need choices that stand up to the test. That's where the Extreme Cycler and Extreme Power 1000 come in. Whether you need greater cycling capabilities or increased starting power, Exide has what it takes to get you started and keep you going stronger. Exide’s patented design features: • NEW Suitcase Handle and Side Grips for Easy Installation • Flush Manifold Cover to Enhance Safety • Heavy Duty Ribbed Case Design for Added Durability • Unique Manifold Vent System Virtually Eliminates All Terminal Corrosion

Vibration Resistant

  • Stabl-Lok® Plus combined with our robust container and cover, reduce the possibility of element movement from high vibration during severe operating conditions, minimizing the potential for damage to plates or breaks in connectors, helping to extend battery life.

High Cycling

  • Double insulated glass mat lined separators combine with thick, robust paste to produce 50% greater cycling performance versus standard flooded product. (Exide Extreme Cycler Only)

Reserve Capacity

  • From lift gates to DVD players, Exide Extreme Cycler's 195-minute reserve capacity (RC) will keep your equipment running longer.

Maintenance Free*

  • Designed for maintenance free performance.

Starting Power

  • Up to 1000 CCA for balanced starting power in most applications. (Exide Extreme Power 1000 Only)



  • Utilizes Exide's patented silver alloy for high heat protection and corrosion resistance.
  • Unique manifold vent system virtually eliminates all terminal corrosion
  • Oversized cast-on straps increase electrical efficiency to assure maximum cranking amps for strong engine starts.

*Under normal operating conditions

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