EXIDE® Xtra Golf Cart Batteries

Exide has a full line of golf cart batteries to fit just about any application from golf carts to floor scrubbers.

Vibration Resistant

  • Cast-on strap/through-partition connectors provide improved electrical conductivity and strength for superior vibration resistance.

Speed Vents

  • Twist and release all vent caps with a single twist for quick and easy maintenance.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

  • Features RC Ratings up to 525.

AMP Hours

  • Features AMP hour ratings up to 245 AMP hours (20 hour rate) for increased service life per charge cycle.



  • Thicker, 5% antimony plates improve cycle life.
  • Heavy duty sheet separators with antimony suppression extend life and reduce water loss throughout the battery's life.
  • Heat-sealed container reduces leaks.
  • Stainless steel studs resist corrosion and allow for easy installation.
  • Check water level easily with split-ring indicator.
  • Available in 6 volt and 8 volt.

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