Lead-Acid (Flooded) Battery

  • Electrolyte (or water-acid solution) flows freely throughout the battery container.
  • Provides a range of power and endurance.
  • Performs to specifications to start the vehicle and run accessories.

This is the most common battery type.


EXIDE® Global and NASCAR® Extreme™

Available now for nearly 90% of all cars, light trucks and SUV's including Asian and European imports. Exide's premium Global and NASCAR Extreme line features superior power and dependability in more sizes, to fit more domestic and import vehicles, than ever before. And with our advanced Silver Shield™ Technology, the Global and NASCAR Extreme deliver longer battery life and enhanced durability that keeps you charged even in the harshest weather.

EXIDE® Nautilus™ Marine Deep Cycle

These batteries are designed to provide continuous operating time to run trolling motors, live wells, inverters, depth/fish finders, etc. They can be discharged and recharged many times without damaging the internal components of the battery.

EXIDE® Commercial 31

Exide knows that commercial vehicles can torture the life out of a conventional battery. So we have given you the first line of defense – a battery with the power and muscle for heavy equipment handlers everywhere.

EXIDE® Cutting Edge® Xtra

Perfect for light duty, garden tractor, utility, snow blower and snowmobile applications. Consistent, maintenance-free starting power, with up to 350 Cold Cranking Amps.

EXIDE® Classic

Reliable Starting Power Available in a wide selection of sizes.

Exide® Extreme™ Cycler & Exide® Extreme™ Power 1000

With anti-idle laws expanding across the country coupled with the increasing power demands for the accessories that drivers want, you need choices that stand up to the test. That's where the Extreme Cycler and Extreme Power 1000 come in. Whether you need greater cycling capabilities or increased starting power, Exide has what it takes to get you started and keep you going stronger. Exide’s patented design features: • NEW Suitcase Handle and Side Grips for Easy Installation • Flush Manifold Cover to Enhance Safety • Heavy Duty Ribbed Case Design for Added Durability • Unique Manifold Vent System Virtually Eliminates All Terminal Corrosion

EXIDE® Xtra Golf Cart Batteries

Exide has a full line of golf cart batteries to fit just about any application from golf carts to floor scrubbers.

EXIDE® Cutting Edge®

Perfect for light duty, garden tractor, utility, snow blower and snowmobile applications. Consistent, maintenance-free starting power. Available in U1 and U1R group sizes, with up to 235 Cold Cranking Amps.

EXIDE® SuperCrank® High Performance

High performance flooded with acid pack